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Does your child have a milestone game coming up for 50, 100 or even 150 games?  If you're not sure, check with your coach, who will find out for you.

We love to see such significant milestones celebrated within our teams and our Waverley Park Hawks families.  We also love to share the achievements at After Match on Sunday nights and to the wider community via Socials. 

Some families chose to make the own banners, others purchase them.  While the Club doesn't have preferred banner suppliers, we can recommend the following companies.

Milestone Banners - based in Carrum 


Phone:  03 9708 2588


Add Signage - based in Somerville

Phone:  0418 587 996


Both companies require information such as:

Date of Milestone Game:

Name of Football Club

Size of Banner:


Preferred Colour(s) of Base:

Preferred Colour(s) of Text:

Extras e.g. Logos, Guernseys etc.

Contact Phone Number:

Please ensure you allow at least 2 weeks prior to your child's milestone to order your banner.  


Keep in mind that it's best to run through the banners at home games, so be sure to check where the milestone game will be played and postpone the banner run through if necessary.  Also, consider who else might be celebrating milestones at the same time.  Does your child want their own banner or would they like to share one with a team mate?

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