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 Parents’ Code of Conduct 

1. Encourage participation by your child but do not force it 

2. Provide a model of good sportsmanship for your child to copy 

3. Be respectful in your communication 

4. Encourage honest effort, skilled performance and team loyalty 

5. Emphasise trying hard and having fun, not only winning 

6. Encourage your child to thank the coach, other officials/volunteers and the opposition team after the game 

7. Make any new parents feel welcome on all occasions 


Spectators’ Code of Conduct 

1. Demonstrate appropriate conduct 

2. Remember children play for enjoyment. Don’t let your conduct detract from their enjoyment 

3. Cheer and acknowledge skilled performances and team play by both teams 

4. Never ridicule mistakes or losses – supporters are there to support not downgrade. 

5. Lead by example and respect all players, coaches, umpires and spectators – physical or verbal abuse will not be


6. Accept decisions by the umpire and officials – they are human and can make mistakes 

7. Let umpires and game officials conduct events without interference – deal with issues in a controlled and professional

    manner after the game 

8. Demonstrate respect for opposing players and their supporters 

9. Don’t use ugly remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability – you’ll let down your family and yourself if you do.  

    Many such comments are actually against the law (for example, racial vilification, sexual harassment and common    


Parents and Supporters
Code of Conduct

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