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At the conclusion of the game, you and the opposition Team Manager need to make yourselves available to the Umpire(s):

  • Immediately after the match, the Umpire(s) will be in the Umpires room completing the match report and B&F voting. Please allow them time to get this done, while waiting close by to the Umpires room.

  • The Umpire(s) will complete a digital competition match report with both Team Managers full names entered in lieu of a signature.

  • In the event of any player/official reports by the Umpire(s), you will be asked to co-sign these also – Please ensure any such reports are communicated to the club immediately after the match! You can do this by contacting the President, Secretary, Incident Manager or Team Manager Co-ordinator.

  • The Umpire(s) will give you:

    • Your team's signed team sheet.

    • Any arising player/official reports by the Umpire(s).

  • If you are the home team, make sure you get your match football back.

At this point you will also need to collect your Timekeeper & Goal Umpire score cards and Best & Fairest voting envelopes. You should now have all the paperwork:

  • Your team's signed team sheet                      from Umpire(s)

Don't forget to add the goal scorers before submitting!

  • Opposition team's unsigned team sheet    from opposition Team Manager

  • Timekeeper score card *                               from your Timekeeper

  • Goal Umpire score card *                              from your Goal Umpire

  • Best & Fairest voting envelopes x3 *           from Coach and parents

  • Any player/officials reports**                        from Umpire(s)

*Applicable to teams U11+.

**These will hopefully be a very rare occurrence.

Finally, ensure that you have collected all the bibs, Goal Umpire coat and flags, the 2 match footballs etc. so that your Team Manager Kit is complete and not missing any items. It is a good idea to do a thorough check prior to leaving the ground.

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