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While the game is under way, you should mostly be monitoring that everything is running smoothly:

  • Monitor behaviour of your parent group, players, match & team officials and act if needed. Abuse and bad language directed at players, Umpires, officials or other parents needs to be addressed.

  • Keep a record of goal scorers (or ask a parent to do this).

  • Ensure your Team officials adhere to league By-Laws:

    • The only Team Officials allowed in the Team Bench area are:

      • Coach / Assistant Coach

      • Trainer

      • Runner

    • Runner must not remain on the ground – he/she is allowed to deliver 2 messages to players then must leave the ground.

    • Water Carrier can only deliver water to players behind play while a player from either side is having a shot for goal or the ball is being retrieved after a goal has been scored.

    • For more details on roles, please see the back section of the SMJFL Handbook.

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