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For each round, prepare a roster for all parent helpers.

To help with creating and managing the roster, you can use an excel spreadsheet similar to this one.  Please feel free to download, modify and use this one if you like.

Most roles require a WWCC and other accreditation. Please use this link for details on compliance requirements for all roles.


The complete list of all parent roles is provided below.

Team Officials

  • Coach

  • Assistant Coach

  • Team Manager

  • Trainer

  • Runner

  • Water Carrier

Match Officials

  • Club Volunteer Umpire (modified rules U8 - U10 & U12 Girls exc Div1)

  • Umpire Escort

  • Boundary Umpire (U11+ & U12 Girls Div 1+)

  • Goal Umpire

  • Time keeper

Parent Helpers

  • Scoreboard attendant (required at some home games)

  • Canteen helpers (home games only, 2 parents per half at both Columbia Park and Wellington Reserve)

  • Best and Fairest voters (2 parents per game, rostered throughout the season to ensure equal opportunity for every family to vote) - U11+

  • Oranges & Lollies (can be rostered, shared among a few families or one family may volunteer to look after it for the whole season)

  • Official Photographer - WPH has a strong presence on socials and we would love to have your team's contribution from your matches.  It is optional, but if you can find a parent to take pics of the team and the game and ask them to send them to, it would be greatly appreciated!

It's obvious from this list that it takes a lot of parent involvement to put on a game of footy. You will need to impress upon your parent group how important it is to help out to ensure you have all roles filled every week.

Where possible, try to get parents to take on roles for the whole season, to save you time with rostering.

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