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At half time you will need to provide the signed team sheet to the Umpire:

  • This is the team sheet signed by all the players.

  • Ensure any player listed but hasn't turned up is crossed out.

  • This team sheet will be returned to you by the Umpire at the conclusion of the game.

  • Only approach the Umpire about matters relating to the above – you must not approach the Umpire about matters relating to the manner in which the game is being officiated.

You may also need to catch up with the opposition Team Manager:

  • Exchange the unsigned copy of the team sheet if you haven't already done so before the start of the game.

  • Ensure players whose names are printed on the team sheet but have not taken part in the game are crossed out on the copy you have given to the opposition Team Manager.

  • Attend to any other relevant matters that may have arisen.

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