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In the past, cash was provided to Team Managers at the start of the season for costs associated with managing their team. Rather than handing out envelopes with cash, this is now handled via reimbursements once receipts are provided to the club Treasurer.

Reimbursements can be made up to the following limits:

  • $250 for teams up to U12 age group.

  • $300 for teams U13 and above.

These limits allow for any spending on stationery that the team manager uses during the season (pens, clipboards etc), other supplies (black gaffer tape can come in handy) and a special training night for the team to get together and enjoy some pizza or pies following a hard run on the field.

If you have a requirement that may not be covered by the above, or you feel there is a genuine reason to exceed the limit for your age group, please contact the Team Manager Coordinator or Treasurer.

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