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After each game, the coach will hand out player awards.

Coach's medal

Throughout the season, each player is to receive one coach's medal. Please ensure your coach has access to one after each match. At the start of the season, you will receive an initial batch of medals. Once you know how many players are on your team, you can place an order to make up the shortfall (contact details are available in the Team Manager handbook).

Sponsor award

Each season, the club may have a special sponsor award for the coach to hand out, the details of which are communicated by the club as necessary.   An example of such an award is the Hungry Award offered by Stadium Fish and Chippery. Please ensure the award is available for your coach to hand out at the end of each game.

Anzac medal

During the Anzac round, a special Anzac medal is also awarded by the coach to the player that embodies the Anzac spirit.

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