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The Team Manager's kit contains the following:

  • Coach bib

  • Assistant coach bib

  • Team manager bib

  • Runner bib

  • Trainer bib

  • Umpire escort bib

  • Boundary umpire bib

  • Water carrier bib (U15+ may have 2)

  • Goal umpire coat and flags

  • Whistle (for boundary umpire)

  • Match footballs x 2 (required for home games only)

  • Field umpire top for the Club Volunteer Umpire (modified rules only)

Other items may include warm tops for benched players and a pair of white shorts in case a player forgets to wear theirs at an away game.

Another handy item to add to the kit is a roll of gaffer tape to help augment jumper numbers when fill in players have a number clash. This would need to be self purchased from petty cash.


Please keep your kit in good order, washing all items when necessary, in particular after wet and muddy games. If any items go missing, please try to recover them in the first instance by contacting teams playing before and after your game as they may have inadvertently picked up your gear. Otherwise contact the property steward to replace lost items.

At the end of the season, the property steward will contact the team managers with details of how the kits are to be returned to the club. Please make sure the kits are returned in good order, washed and ready to go for the next season.

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