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You will have at least 2 team sheets printed for the game with the names of players and officials. You can print more for your own use, but 2 are required as a minimum.

  • Please sign 1 team sheets as the Team Manager.

  • Ask your trainer to sign this team sheet as well.

  • Finally, ensure all players sign this team sheet.

Put this team sheet out for all the players to sign. With the help of the coach, instil a habit in the players to sign the team sheet as soon as they arrive at the ground.

All players who are playing on the day must sign the team sheet! Importantly, note that:

  • If a player whose name is printed on the team sheet does not turn up for the game, you must rule a line through the player's name and add the letters DNP (did not play).

  • A player can turn up prior to the start of the 3rd quarter and take part in the game. You will need to make sure the player signs your team sheet and that their name appears on the 2nd (unsigned) copy of the team sheet that you give to the opposition Team Manager.

- Any player playing with an exemption or permit must have the letter P written next to their name.

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